You are worth fighting for.


I believe that it is vital we all tell our stories in order to learn and share empathy and compassion toward others. In the aftermath of Columbine, I was silent, ashamed of the association with such a high profile event. It took me ten years to feel that my voice could be added to the conversation.

I have shared my story of surviving Columbine with various groups in Colorado and New Mexico, to college classes and organizations. Contact me to start the conversation.

Self Defense Instructor

In 2017, I became a certified self defense instructor with Impact Personal Safety of Colorado, located in Denver. Impact Personal Safety instruction follows an Empowerment Self Defense model which “is a holistic approach to personal safety which teaches tools to combat the whole spectrum of violence, from verbal harassment to physical violence” (ESD Global). Our curriculum is based on trauma-informed techniques that can be learned by anyone, regardless of gender, ability, and age.

The courses I teach include:

  • Corporate and public workshops
  • Teen and older teen/life prep
  • Empowered Family
  • Women’s basics
  • Defense Against the Armed Assailant

Find upcoming courses with Impact Personal Safety of Colorado at their website

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