Finding hope.


In my forthcoming memoir, I explore the effects of surviving the Columbine High School shooting on my life. I weave memories of high school before the shooting through and around the guilt and chaos that erupted in the wake of trauma. Columbine was 21 years ago and one of the first large-scale mass shootings in an American High School. We didn’t change the world for the better after that national shock, and now there are so many mass shootings that the country seems to react with apathy. This memoir is how I reclaimed my voice after trauma, became a writer, artist, and self defense instructor, while acknowledging the hard road ahead for so many communities.


An essay related to my memoir was published in April 2019 by The Coil, titled “How to Survive the 20th Anniversary of a Mass Shooting.”

An excerpt from the memoir, “Pistol Shooting Basics,” was published by Memoir Magazine for their 2018 Guns & People issue with an honorable mention

A Columbine-related essay was published in the award-winning Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table: A Collection of Women’s Memoirs, edited by Anne Randolph, 2013.

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